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Personalized job coaching and expat career coaching for unemployed international graduates and professionals in Germany – 100% state-funded 

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Unemployed in germany?

Expatino Academy | Expat Career | Career For Expats in Germany | Expat Career Development | Expat Academy

For International Graduates

If you haven’t secured a job yet, it’s important to understand the urgency of the situation. The job-seeking visa in Germany is valid for only 18 months after graduation. Should you be unable to find employment within this timeframe, despite your desire to stay, you will be required to leave the country permanently.

Expat Career Development For International Professionals in Germany

Being unemployed  can an often be a challenging experience, marked by a mix of emotions and concerns. Many expatriates like yourself may face language barriers, cultural differences, and sometimes a limited understanding of the German social security system. This can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety about financial stability, and uncertainty about future employment prospects.

Here is the good part. If you have contributed to the German social security system for at least 12 months within the last two years of your career in Germany you are eligible for expat benefits under § 45 SGB III for professional integration and activation. This initiative by the german government aims to support your integration into the labor market. If you have worked for more than one year we can start straight away helping you to get the activation voucher and enroll you in the Expatino career camp. 

How can Expatino Academy Offer The Expat Career Coaching for Free?

In Germany, unemployed international graduates and expats may obtain an AVGS voucher, essentially an “activation” voucher, to support them in their career for entering the job market more easily.

Eligibility typically depends on factors such as residency status, the employers at Arbeitsagentur / Jobcenter, work permit status, and how individuals are categorized within the German employment system. No worries, we are here to help!

Expatino Academy Curriculum and Coaching Approach

With You Every Step Of The Way

At Expatino academy, we understand the importance of personalized support in your expat career journey in Germany. That’s why we match you with a professional coach who truly understands your expat career goals and the specifics of the German industry. These experienced coaches for expat career development offer clear, practical advice and mentorship, guiding you through the challenges of the German job market and helping you seize the right opportunities for your professional growth. The coaching sessions are carried out online as a part-time measure with at least two appointments per week over a period of 5 weeks. From the third session onwards the coaches and you will constantly send out personalized applications. 

Curriculum for The Expatino Career Camp

Expatino Academy | Expat Career | Career For Expats in Germany | Expat Career Development | Expat Academy

our Coaching Mission

We recognize that there is an imbalance between talent and opportunities in Germany. Although talent exists everywhere, not everyone has the same opportunities. For this reason, we actively work to level the playing field. We are committed to initiating a fairer and more inclusive system. Our efforts aim to break down barriers and create a job market that is accessible to all. We want to ensure that international people living in Germany receive the best possible support to achieve their goals and continue to develop during their long-term stay in Germany. In this context, we collaborate with the Employment Agency (Agentur für Arbeit), Jobcenter and companies.

We firmly believe that community is the key to success. Therefore, we come together as the “Expatino Community” by fostering mutual support, events, and networking. Through our collaboration with people from all over the world, we aim to create a supportive and inspiring environment where everyone can reach their full potential. 

Find the right programme for you

Not eligible to Enter The Expatino Career Camp? Is the Process Taking to long?

Dealing with the Agentur für Arbeit and Jobcenter processes can be time-consuming. You might also find yourself ineligible for the state-funded job coaching. Not to worry! Select your coaching package now to quickly get job-ready.


KICKSTART is an intensive coaching program designed to build and optimize the perfect CV - both in English and German.


COMPACT covers a wide array of essential topics, from job search techniques interview techniques, to mock interviews. 


INTENSE is meticulously crafted to address various facets of career development.

Community. Build skills. Open doors.

Expatino is more than just a expat career development platform for internationals. We are a thriving hub and expat academy where international students, expats, buddies, coaches, universities, and businesses come together. Our community provides comprehensive support, offering both professional guidance and personal growth opportunities in a diverse, intercultural setting.

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In the 5-week Expatino Career Camp, you'll gain insights from professional job coaches on how to successfully land a job in Germany. Best of all, our state-funded, one-on-one coaching is completely free of charge. Seize this opportunity to boost your career in Germany!