About Us

About Us

By bringing international students, universities and employers together with us, we aim to create a powerful network of people changing the system for the better

Mission of Expatino

Our mission is laying the path to success for international students, whatever their background. To achieve this, we grow together as a community through mutual support, coaching, events and networking. 

It takes a whole ecosystem to make it in Germany. While global talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. That is why we’re levelling the playing field. We’re breaking down the old system and building a better one.

Future Expat Experts & Leaders

Germany faces a critical shortage of skilled professionals. The German labor market requires 400,000 employees annually, and this need is set to increase as the baby boomer generation retires, further widening the skill gap.

We are addressing this issue head-on by being connected with German universities and providing companies early access to this emerging pool of global talent. Our initiatives not only fill immediate vacancies but also cultivate a diverse and skilled workforce, shaping your company.

Through our efforts, we’re not just closing the skill gap; we’re creating a dynamic, multicultural professional community of Germany’s future expat experts.


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How it began | About Expatino

Fabian Schmid-Lossberg


Expatino started by Fabian as a side project of the Entrepreneurship course at the Berlin School of Management (SRH). With students from 100 different nations the individual problems became apparent quickly. After a deep dive into the topic and talking to international friends, universities, and companies, a whole range of different problems have emerged. It turned out that especially settling down in Germany and finding a job is a major obstacle – but there is so much more! We are still in the early stages but highly motivated to write a new chapter for international students in Germany.