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      Take the smart Route

      Finding your way around Germany can be tricky.  We’re laying the path to success for great people, whatever their background. It all starts with small steps. We are helping you to hit your new life running in Germany – from day one.

      Overcome Your Challenges



      Expats and international students

      We're creating a Diverse group of future Experts

      While talent is evenly distributed, opportunity is not. Our platform matches diverse, young talent with job- and study opportunities in Germany. Our goal is to grow together through mutual support, events and networking. Our members are united in their desire to succeed in Germany, and support each other in achieving their ambitious goals. Together we’re breaking down the old system and building a better one.

      The Expatino Blog

      Our blog provides you with helpful insights on your new life in Germany. Topics include jobs, dealing with authorities, as well as tips and tricks to overcome your obstacles.